How do I add a simple Steam Big Picture link in Recalbox?

  • Hi all - As title,

    Recalbox/Linux/Pi Newbie here & hope that I am asking in the correct place.

    I have things going ... so far so good, moonlight is paired, scraped and streams kinda ok. But what I am wanting to do is just start Big Picture, and select game from there, quit big picture to then return to Recalbox.

    Can anyone point me in the correct direction on this?
    Is there a file that have the steam stream link to load the specific games - if so, could anyone tell me where to find it, and if I just change the command to something like "moonlight stream -1080 -60fps -bitrate 20000" if that would accomplish the goal?

    I am assuming that the scraped games from "./ init" create some kind of shortcut command to run them individually when launched from Recalbox?

    RP3 running Recalbox 4.0 final


  • @Voxson Hi new comer !

    When Recalbox gets the games, it does create a Steam game which points to Big Picture. You never ever have to run the moonlight binary by yourself.

  • @Substring Hi hi!

    Should "steam game" (or whatever it is called) show up in the moonlight tab within Recalbox? - Currently it is not there.

    I do see it, or something that looks like it, in /configs/moonlight/gamelist.txt:

    In (unknown parent folders) /share/roms/moonlight/gamelist.xml there is no "Steam" entry, but there is:
    <game id="" source="">
    <desc />
    <rating />
    <releasedate />
    <developer />
    <publisher />
    <genre />
    <players />

    Within that directory, all the other scraped games from "./ init" have their own zero byte file (doom.moonlight etc), but there is no file for just steam.

    This is all from a clean install of recalbox 4.0.0 and moonlight pair + init from command line.

    Any idea on how to make the Steam Big Picture link appear?

  • @Voxson Try touch /recalbox/share/roms/moonlight/Steam.moonlight and reload the gamelists from ES (or restart ES)

  • @Substring You legend! thank you very much 😄

  • @Voxson It should have been added as it's in the gamelist.txt, i don't understand ...

  • @Substring Hi again - I hope that you can please help me out

    I've been playing with a few things, essentially broke my setup and reinstalled 4.0.0 from fresh.

    My issue is that moonlight works fine from the command prompt, but does not launch from recalbox & I cannot figure out why 😞 It just waits a few seconds and dumps back into emulationstation.

    Any ideas?

  • @Voxson the way i can help you depends on how skilled you are at linux.

    For moonlight, you should use recalbox' conf file in ~/configs/moonlight. This way you'll use the keydir that was setup with the pairing process. We don't use the standard moonlight paths

  • @Substring thanks man - gives me a starting point anyway. I am very green with linux, but comfortable with good old dos, so there is a bit that is familiar.
    *edit - that means I am very keen to learn, and not afraid to delve in

    Annoyingly, I found that it was the updated GFE install on the gaming host that mucked things up, not my playing with the pi...

  • @Voxson GFE 3.2 is not yet supported. Bumping to Moonlight 2.2.3 does require some work, not just a version change

  • @Substring Thank you for the advice on GFE 3.2. I put back on which seems to get things working nicely - Might ensure that GFE does not get upgraded any time soon 🙂
    Did not scrap the games, but did put a Steam BP link - so essentially what I wanted initially anyway.

    A quick question - A linux savvy friend showed me a way to echo back to the command prompt a new device when it is plugged in (e.g. wireless headset dongle), I think it was "tail -f /var/log" or something similar. Would this be able to be used to allow recalbox to hot swap audio from hdmi to a another device?

    We did extract the USB dongle ID and could force the audio out to that via moonlight in the command prompt - & I see there is an audio device setting in moonlight.conf.
    Is there a way to say, do an "If / then / else" type command within a config or maybe as a script (are scripts like .bat files in dos?) that runs before or as part of starting moonlight / kodi / emulator?

  • @Voxson of course it IS possible. The clean way to do it would be to look for the default audio device from ALSA and set it in moonlight. Audio is something to which we definitely were sticking to hdmi or jack. The USB part really opened up with 4.0 (generating quite some problems). But, we are very few to work on recalbox, this is not something with top priority.

    But, for a hack, ask your friend to add ~/, edit it for some grep / sed on your /var/log/messages or dmesg that would update your moonlight.conf depending on whether your usb audio dongle is plugged or not. And of course, chmod 644 the file. That way, on boot, your would update your moonlight.conf

  • @Substring Thank you again. I will let you know how we get on.

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