N64 core/plugin selection?

  • I'm trying to troubleshoot issues I'm having with playing an n64 rom (unrelated to this question, and will be asked about separately if needed), and was going to see what results I got from changing the video plugin being used. I can see from my logs that it's loading the Glide plugin at present, and it appears (from searching this forum and the available documentation) that I should be able to select an alternate video plugin as a "core" from the frontend menus. However the only option I am given in the frontend is "Default".

    Is there a system setting that I've missed somewhere, or a config file I can adjust to permit selecting the other video plugins?

    RPi 3
    Recalbox v4.0.0
    running from 32GB samsung evo+ SDXC

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    Hello @virmitio
    sorry for my english

    to try an another video plugin for N64 you need :

    • select your game
    • select button
    • choose edit metadata
    • modifiy emulator
    • modify core

  • Ah, I hadn't realized it was necessary for me to explicitly select the mupen64 emulator before the core options would display. Thank you.

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