switch a/b and x/y button?

  • until now i used a standard xbox 360 controller but i'm now switching to my wii u pro controller. problem is that button names are completly different on the wii u pro controller.

    for example the "A" button on the xbox controller is the "b" button on the wii u controller and vice versa. same goes for x/y.

    if i configure the wii u controller after the button names all my controls in game are wrong and if i map it like a standard xbox controller the on screen button info in emulationstation doesn't fit the controller.

    so is there a way of switching the A/B and X/Y buttons via some config file or something?

    i hope somebody understands the problem :). if someone has an idea, let me know.


  • @tifsmo Hi Tim.

    You made a mistake configuring your 360 pad according to button names. The documentation clearly states that you should follow a SNES mapping ...

  • yes you're right. that fixes everything in game.

    the only nuance left is that the controller button info at the button of the screen in emulationstation isn't "correct" anymore. for example emulationstation says "press a to launch the game" and the correct button on the the wii u controller is "b".

    thats why i'm looking for a solution to switch the "a/b" and "x/y" buttons in emulationstation only.

  • nevermind the "x/y" buttons. they seem to be correct. it is really just the "a/b" buttons in emulationstation i'd like to switch.

    i remember that there was a config option in retropie for exactly that. but i can't seem to find anything similar in any config file.

  • Same Problem with Moonlight
    A/B and X/Y are inverted

  • hello

    i found a config for XBOX360 Controller:

    abs_x = 0
    abs_y = 1
    abs_z = 2
    abs_rx = 3
    abs_ry = 4
    abs_rz = 5
    abs_deadzone = 0
    abs_dpad_x = 16
    abs_dpad_y = 17
    reverse_x = false
    reverse_y = true
    reverse_rx = false
    reverse_ry = true
    reverse_dpad_x = false
    reverse_dpad_y = false
    btn_north = 308
    btn_east = 305
    btn_south = 304
    btn_west = 307
    btn_select = 314
    btn_start = 315
    btn_mode = 316
    btn_thumbl = 317
    btn_thumbr = 318
    btn_tl = 310
    btn_tr = 311
    btn_tr = 311
    btn_tr2 = 313
    btn_dpad_up = 294
    btn_dpad_down = 295
    btn_dpad_left = 296
    btn_dpad_right = 297

    if i change my mappingP1.conf and mappingP2.conf
    Recalbox overwrite this every time
    can anyone help`?

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