How to easily configure all 8-bit (2 button) games to use Y and B instead of B and A?

  • Hi

    Is there any way of simply changing so that when I configure the mappings for my ps3 controller to match the picture of the snes controller - all 8 bit games use Y and B instead of B and A? Now I have to go into the retroarch config for every single 2 button console and remap keys manually, everytime I set up a controller.

  • @Yonder Hi

    For God Knows which reason, retroarch defined buttons like :
    1 -> B
    2 -> Y
    3 -> A
    4 -> X

    Which is totally illogical with their idea of A to validate and B to cancel (thus making it work with any pad).

    BUT : you can use the "core remap" feature : buttons will be remapped according to how you set them up. You do it once for all for every 8bit core

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