Problems connecting to Recalbox *internally*

  • Hello!

    I just experienced a strange problem with my Recalbox 4.0 final.

    While I was affected by the "Not Connected" issue like many others, my problem was different:

    My Recalbox got an IP using WLAN from my OpenWrt-Router like usual, but suddenly couldn't be reached by Samba, SSH or even PING by any other PC in the network. Scraping from the Recalbox into the internet worked.

    I double-checked the IP-address, which was a 192.168.1.X as any of my PCs has. Funny thing was, that the router itself could PING the Recalbox, but no other PC could, regardless if Windows or Linux.

    On the Recalbox I closed Emulation Station using "F4" and opened a Terminal using "Alt+F2" and was able to PING the other PCs from the Recalbox. As soon as I did this, I could also reach the Recalbox (PING, Samba, SSH, even "RECALBOX" instead of IP worked) from the PCs.

    After a Reboot the Recalbox was again not reachable. Had to do open a Terminal again and PING a PC in the internal net.

    Anyone having the same problem and found a permanent solution?

    Of course I only have to reach the Recalbox only when putting new ROMs onto it, but this is still very annoying.

    Greetings from Germany


  • After some further testing:

    Only PCs can PING or otherwise reach the Recalbox, whom have been PINGed by the Recalbox before.

    After that, the Recalbox can be reached by PING, SSH, SAMBA.

    Any ideas?

  • @hanker arp cache problem ? routing problem ?

  • @Substring : Sorry, I don't know, what arp cache is.

    Maybe it is a routing problem, but I haven't changed anything in my LAN over the last months, and some weeks ago, everything worked flawlessly. And I find it quite strange, that everything works fine as soon as the Recalbox "reaches out" to another computer, but before I cannot even ping it, though it is in the same subnet...

  • @hanker ip conflict ?

  • Here are my active DHCP-Leases (did remove MACs):


    No IP conflicts. RECALBOX IP is set as static lease.

    The Router has this ARP:

    IPv4-Address MAC-Address Interface br-lan br-lan eth0.2 br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan br-lan

    "arp -a" on the Win7-PC using gets

    Schnittstelle: --- 0xb
    Internetadresse Physische Adresse Typ dynamisch dynamisch statisch statisch statisch statisch statisch

    And "ping" will get me "Zielhost nicht erreichbar" (not reachable).

    As sone as I ping from the Recalbox, everything works, as written. "ping" gets an answer and "arp -a" lists the IP

    BUT as soon as I stop pinging, I get a timeout when pinging and then "not reachable" again. vanisches from "arp -a".

    If I ping constantly from the Recalbox, it all seems well.


  • @hanker Can you paste the result from iifconfig ? Do you have the same problem if you plug on ethernet ?

  • Sorry, I'm quite busy right now.

    Here's a screenshot of ifconfig:


    I will test connecting via LAN cable next year. 😉


  • Hello and happy new year!

    I just plugged in a LAN-cable, deactivated WLAN, rebooted to be sure - and everything works fine. No pinging necessary.

    ifconfig output:


    But I still have no idea, why remote access doesn't work when using WLAN...

    Confused greetings from Germany


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