Street Fighter Third Strike: Fight to the future

  • OK so I replace the rom but now it goes to black

  • and I have not change the chd file so that might be the problem but I can't find an updated one if there is one

  • The rom you need is one file only, not chd needed. It's hard to find but it works perfect on recalbox 4 and 4.1 on rip 3

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    @AustinTheBui please, be so kind to read forum rules before posting. And use the wiki, it has been written for a reason:

    You can't jut use any romset, but the only right one. You can try 1000s of roms but that doesn't make it better. Either you use the right version or it will not work (properly).

    recalbox 4.1 will bump the core for fba_libretro to, so rhat many games won't work anymore with the old romset.

  • @paradadf

    I just bought a Raspberry Pi3 Model B and start to begin doing the complete emulation setup. The power supply is an original Raspberry product with 2500 mA/h.

    Most systems work fine. But I have massive problems with SF3 3rd Strike on FBA LibRetro.

    I have the Recalbox Version 4.0.0. and the SF3 3rd Strike FBA Romset as mentioned in the gameslist to be working smoothly.

    I can start the game and it works but there are issues in audio and has massive slowdowns. Absolutely unplayable.

    So I did a lot of google research but still after many hours there is no solution for this problem. So I found this thread and thought SF3 3rd Strike is a very popular game, so I hope somebody here can help me...


    btw - Street Fighter Zero 3 works fine in FBA LibRetro...

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    @Major-Dutch to be honest, I hate when users say they have been searching (for hours!) and not found the solution, as there are many threads talking about it on this forum

    Just turn off the rewind function for fba_libretro from the main menu.

  • I did turn the rewind function off and it doesn't work.

    And I am really sorry for my question, but I really searched the web for hours to get this game working.

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    @Major-Dutch get the right rom. You need fba for recalbox 4.0. It doesn't require any chd files. Other than that and assuming your PSU is good enough, you should be able to play it.

  • Sorry, my fault !!!

    As I mentioned above, I have the rom FBA for recalbox 4.0.0.

    But you helped me a lot ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    My fault was not to turn out the rewind function in the main menu but in the specific emulator setup for FBAlibRetro.

    You saved my day! Again - BIG Thanks!

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    @Major-Dutch you wouldn't be the first person that believes to have an specific romset, but hasn't. Anyway, good you figured that out ;)

  • As I said, I read a lot, but one of the easiest things I didn't recognized.


    So just another question and I think it fits in here due to the fact that we are discussing popular Street Fighter games.

    Will there be any chance to get "Capcom vs. Snk 2" emulated on recalbox?

    I still have the original Dreamcast & PS2 versions, but I think the mame version is a problem beacuse of the Naomi board. Am I right or do you think there will be some sort of solutions in the next updates for recallbox?

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    Maybe, someday. I can't tell. Right now it is not possible to emulate.

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    @Major-Dutch short answer : it is not and will likely never be supported by Mame.
    Demul emulates it but t's not ooen source and siurces arent' even public so no linux version and thus no recalbox version.

    So you will be able to ply it on Dreamcast and that's all

  • On Dreamcast or maybe in the near future on something like a Raspberry Pi 4 with a dreamcast emulator?


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