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Playstation memory cards and save states for multi-disk games.

  • There must be a few of you out there who are playing Final Fantasy and other multi-disk games on the Playstation. My understanding is that the save states are created against the file (e.g. *CD1) and therefore won't work when running CD 2. Can anyone advise how you create a virtual memory card and how multi-disk games work? If I create a folder within the folder called 'Final Fantasy' will it work? Any ideas?

  • I guess the question should really be, where are the memory card saves stored?

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    I'll take information on that too 🙂

  • Think I've worked it out. The in-game memory card saves are saved as [filename].srm and these are stored in the 'sauvegardes' folder. However, these are only written when you cleanly exit the game (e.g. pressing start+hotkey on your controller). Rebooting or turning off the system will therefore not save. I am assuming therefore with a multi-disk system you need to exit the game, change the filename to the second disks filename, and then it should work when to load the second disk. I've yet to try this with disk 2 of Final Fantasy IX, however, I've been testing with WWF Smackdown 2 and can confirm the .srm file loads upon start-up and saves upon exit. I hope this is useful. Will re-confirm my theory when I get to the end of Final Fantasy disk 1 🙂

  • Hi nickdj, the pcsx-rearmed core also supports pbp (eboot) files. That is the file format of psx games that are converted for the psp. The nice thing is. 1. Compression 🙂 , the images are a lot smaller 2. For Multidisk Games, you just have one file, It doesn't matter how many cd's you have, and then you also wouldn't have the memorycard problem i think . There various tools available on the net where you can create your own pbp files from your images Like Impaler's PSX eBoot Creator etc.

  • You should be able to create a link over ssh after creating the first disk's memory card.

    ln FF7-CD1.srm FF7-CD2.srm
    ln FF7-CD1.srm FF7-CD3.srm

  • We will probably just allow people to import the .m3u files and display multi-disc games as a single entry. Disc switching via the HUD bar.

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