Recalbox 7.0

Per core input mapping not persisting after reboot

  • I have tried almost everything in trying to remap input for just NES games using the RGUI menu. I go into a game, then RGUI, set my input as I want just for games on this system, and from here there is too many options and save methods to choose. And any of them I try do not persist after restart. In the INPUT menu there are on/off option for REMAP BINDS ENABLE and SAVE CORE REMAP FILE button. Do I need to muck with either of these? And then in the main menu I see SAVE NEW CONFIG and SAVE RECALBOX.CFG. I'm having trouble differentiating all this. I also have not problem doing this manually if there's a guide and it actually works.

  • @disorder While I cannot help you with a solution, I can verify the problem (or at least a very similar one):

    As can be read here, changes to the "Input" menu in retroarch are not changed, at least some of them (player input type). Sadly noone could help me with a solution yet.

    Greetings from Germany


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