Recalbox 7.0

Genesis A B C

  • I have Recalbox up and running on a pi3, I've configured everything and I love recalbox, I just have one issue that I cannot figure out. On all emulators my controllers work fine (I've tried PS3, Xbox, Steam) and it works great....except for the Genesis (Megadrive). I can use the control stick or D-Pad but no matter what I do I cannot use any Fire buttons (A B C I beleive they are). Has anyone lese had this? Can anyone point me in a direction of what the issue could be.
    I've played Doom, NES, SNES, N64, Mastersystem, MAME, and many other emulators, its just literally those A B C buttons for the genesis I cannot get working.

    To elaborate, I can control the game with the stick, but I have been through all buttons and nothing seems to be the A B C buttons. For example, lets say I was playing Michael Jacksons Moonwalker on Genesis. I would be able to move Mikey around but not do that dancey kick attack move.

  • @gamingpants hi
    Have you switxhed your pad as a 6buttons genesis pad ?

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