gpio.cfg file where?

  • Hi, where is saved the gpio config file? and other btooht controller cfg file?

  • gpio config file never existed
    What do you mean about bluetooth controller config file ?

    In fact, what are you trying to do ?

  • @Substring Hi , if im not wrong a few versions ago, /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/GPIOController1.cfg was the config file about gpio player1 controller.

    This file in this path no more exist, i would like to know if is it possible to manual edit the gpio controller config.
    The question is the same about blutooth controller, there is not any config file saved when i setup a new controller?

  • What i'm trying to do? I want to backup also my controllers config

  • Themer

    @0zzy I doubt there was ever a path named retropie in recalbox !

    You must have used retropie in the past and mistaken it for recalbox

  • @voljega sorry guys, copy & paste notes.. i think it's better go to sleep...
    anyway recalbox don't save controller config in any file right?

  • @0zzy recalbox generates configuration files on the fly dependng on your plugged pads

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