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How To Configure PS4 Controllers via BlueTooth?

  • Does anybody have any instructions on how I can configure my 2 PS4 controllers to recalbox using bluetooth? or do I need to configure the 2 controllers first by wire.. and then attempts to have them detected via bluetooth?

  • Let me add some colour to my question.

    I am using a vanilla install of recalbox 4.0 final on a Pi 3..

    I activated the bluetooth pairing function on the ps4 controller by pressing the PS+share button which is indicated as a flashing light on the controller.

    all my bluetooth devices detect the controller including the ps4 console itself. But the recalbox doesn't detect it.

    If I hardwire the micro USB cable to the Pi, the controller works like a charm.

    I know the Pi can detect my bluetooth as a buddy of mine came over and used some raspberry pi diagnostic utility on his own memory card to show me that the Pi does see my ps4 controller.

    but i'm puzzled why Recalbox won't detect the ps4 controller during pairing mode?

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    Just wait for 4.1 version. AFAIK bluez 5 has native PS4 bluetooth support, and that is the version bumped to in 4.1 😉 A little patience, please.

  • @paradadf Can you give me a rough estimate when 4.1 will be released.

    If we are talking about beyond January/February, then I'll go out to the computer store and buy a 6 foot micro usb cable so that I can hard wire the controller to it so that it can reach my couch.. but if you give me an answer within the next 8 weeks or less, then I'll wait it out.


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    Your question has been answered multiple times already. Look for it.

  • @paradadf I tried looking for it, but the common answer I see is 'soon', and soon is a very subjective definition..

    i'll wait it out.. thanks!

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