Set specific resolution for single game

  • Hi all, is it possibile to set a specific resolutions only for a few single roms?

  • Depends on what resolution you mean. Could you give some more details ?

  • @Substring hi, i'm wrong, i mean aspect ratio.
    if i run arkanoid on mame it's better to set AR to 1:1 on retroarch.

  • the aspect ration is automatic on mame or fba, or any emulator. There are hardly any game/emulator running a 1:1, which means a square picture

  • Themer

    @Substring not sure if it has been corrected but vertical games (3/4) on mame used to be displayed incorrectly as 4/3 and stretched from 3/4 to 4/3

    @0zzy I usually use those games with the fba_libretro emulator wich displays them correctly, however you will have to find the correct romset

  • @voljega it's solved since beta4 or 5

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