The 8Bitdo NES30 Pro is terrible for retro gaming

  • It works fine with Recalbox (I tested in USB mode). And it looks really cute.

    But I can't recommend this controller to any gamer, even though it's linked on the Recalbox site store.

    For US$43 (!!!), I expected something very good indeed. But its d-pad is a disgrace. There are better d-pads on aftermarket controllers that cost $10. Even on simple games that don't require precision I find that this d-pad fails me and easily registers the wrong clicks. It is not fun to fail at a game because the controller sucks.

    Also, its lights keep flashing in whatever mode its in, whether USB or Bluetooth. It's annoying.

    There are good things about the 8Bitdo: it supports many different compatibility modes (hard to configure) that could help emulation freaks who need to work with Macs and Android and other specialized platforms. But none of those are important to Recalbox users. At the end of the day, if the d-pad sucks, it just plain sucks.

    If you are looking for an aftermarket controller, I had good results with the $20 Gamesir G3s (it also has a Bluetooth version, though I don't know if that will work with Recalbox). Its d-pad isn't as good as PlayStation or even Nintendo controllers, but it's at least as good if not better than the Xbox 360. And it works with Android, too.

    Anyway, please save your money and don't buy from 8Bitdo if you really want to enjoy your games!

  • @emblemparade I'll confirm this, and add that these issues are not new:

    The only non-offbrand (= not super-cheap) gamepad I have ever used with a dpad as bad as the 8bitdo's was the xbox360's, which as we all know is notoriously bad for any games requiring precision in the dpad.

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    Thanks for this analysis... I planned to buy the expensive controller ... but with your feedbask... I will prefer buy PS3 Controller which are easy to configure and good to play.

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    I can't talk about the SFC30, wich should emulate a real SNES controller. But for the NES30 Pro, I got what I expected... although I can't compare it with the original NES controller anymore, from what I remember, the feel is the same for the D-pad. I also have the 8bitdo Zero and the D-pad there is smoother (better for most people), but those don't try to be a sort-of improved replica.
    It's a pitty for the SFC30, but if you want the a full button sized NES like Controller, imo there is nothing better than the NES30 Pro.

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