Rumble support for PS1, PS2, and PS3 controllers?

  • I know the controllers work, but does rumble/vibration work, too?

    Specifically for PS1 and PS2 I intend to use a USB adapter dongle. I know that on Windows you need to install a special driver to make rumble work with the dongle, but is that true on Linux and specifically with Recalbox?

    I know there are ways to connect these controllers to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO connector. If you do so, will rumble work immediately with Recalbox?

    I'm super impressed with Recalbox's support for the PS3 wireless controller. 🙂 However, it's not clear to me whether it works with rumble, too. Can anybody verify?

    I hope to get concrete answers here, as I'm planning a big project based on Recalbox and am trying to pick the best controller. Telling me that it "should" work won't help me, I really need facts from somehow who has tried it. Thanks!

  • I think hardly any emulator supports rumble, but i'm not sure

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