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SNES Input Lag

  • Hello everyone,

    After observing the emulation situation on the pi for many years, especially for snes games, I am quite unhappy to see that "the input lag issue" is still not solved.

    This is obviously noticeable while playing Jump 'n Run games like Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country. I am pretty sure this topic was addressed some time ago and some of you will immediately blame the LCD/TV or activated shader whatsoever, but that can't be the final answer since e. g. N64 emulation works pretty perfect in my case.

    I use the latest recalbox beta on my RBPI3 (but I experience this also with retropie). I think ths should be adressed to the emulator port itself. - Hopefully someone can forward this to the right direction.

    Thank you for your work! Recalbox works really great out of the box!

    (+There is one problem with Yoshi's Island. Seems like the game doesn't boot, because it thinks the snes mouse is attached (because of the keyboard/mouse)).

  • Hi @SnakeSnoke

    have you tried all SNES Emulators? All of them are giving you the input lag?
    I can't confirm any lag on my side. Depending on which core causes the problem for you, you might wanna "adress it to the emulator port itself" at

    Further, I suggest, that you read the Wiki , or use the search function, because your last questions has been answered several times now.

  • some input-lag nazi made some tests, saying linux generally speaking has about 7 frames of input lag. This can be slightly decreased when playing on retroarch options. But you can't make a 0 input lag emulator, just impossible.

    But dude, real skills don't care about input lag haha 🙂

  • join the club - 'ppl who are super sensitive about lag'.
    unfortunatly I am the one of them.
    To long story to short - this is the limitation of all current emulation.
    I keep real SNES just for Super Mario World game and couple more like this - platform game.
    No, 90% of other person never understand. even if I show them.. they don't see any difference in 'their eyes' so they don't care. They alway saying 'there is no lag'.
    even Nintendo Virtual console in Wii has lag with CRT(TV or monitor)- their own 'paid' commercial emulator has input lag.
    Linux + keyboard adapter in PC combo(in order to avoid USB lag issue) had a smallest lag but I can still notice small lag in Super Mario World.
    so.. let's not hope too much in raspberry Pi , which never intend to be game machine.

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