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N64: SNES-Controller does not cover all buttons?

  • Hello
    I'm new with Recalbox and do use it with SNES controller(s). Now I note that sometimes I miss some buttons to play a game:
    For example: I want to play the N64 game "Zelda - Ocarina of Time" with the SNES controller. Allmost all works perfectly but in one case - if I want to talk to Links fairy "Navi" - I cannot not find the appropriate button on my SNES controller? I tried arround a long time and noted that if I connect an additional USB keyboard, then I can press the key "I" to talk to "Navi".

    Is there a way to fit the controller button mapping so that the whole game is playable with the SNES controller only?


  • Hi @RK-aus-S

    I don't think so...

    We're talking 10 Buttons, an Analog Stick and a D-Pad (N64) against 8 Buttons and a D-Pad (SNES).

    Talking to Navi is the yellow UP Button on the N64 Pad. Maybe this helps

    Consider using a PS3 Pad or something alike.

  • Hi Nachtgarm

    Thank you very much!
    I've connected my wired Xbox360 controller, and now I'm able to talk/listen to "Navi"! (Yellow Y Button 🙂

    The only thing I cannot find at the moment is to select the Save Slots with this controller? Even I press Hotkey + Up/Down within the N64 game "Zelda", nothing happens. Selecting a Save Slot within a MAME game works!
    Is it possible that selecting Save Slots is depending which emulator I run?


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