Cant update some backup to beta 5

  • Hi,

    Yesterday i tried to restore some backup and then update it to the last version (beta 5), but at 46% it breaks.

    First the image with the error log:
    0_1476812822012_WhatsApp Image 2016-10-17 at 23.29.32.jpeg

    Now the steps:

    1. Someday i made a recalbox backup and save it. I think it was beta 3 version.
    2. Yesterday restored it using Windows 10 with Rufus 2.11
    3. Connect RJ-45, hdmi, ps2 controller adapter and finally power cable.
    4. Systems starts OK > START > System config > Update system.
    5. Wait for the message to restart > OK.
    6. Starts the update screen. Everything is ok up to 46%.
    7. Then it shows that ugly error message :(

    Anyone? Ideas? Something to test?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • what kind of backup ?

  • Clone the sd to an img

  • I guess your image is corrupted once restored

  • Thanks for the help @subs .

    I think i find the problem.
    I have to make some tests first so i can confirm what im thinking.

  • I'm pretty sure i have updates.type=stable in config, but i'm not 100% sure.

    If updates.type is stable, maybe the updater have some bug.

    Look at this:

    I checked with my friend and he cant update too.


  • This is his picture:

    0_1476887736903_WhatsApp Image 2016-10-19 at 11.18.02.jpeg

  • @torra87
    if it had a bug, i think we would already know it, as the beta5 is out for 2 months already :)

    the messages say that your SD is corrupted : mmcblk0p7 is remounted as read only. How can it make the update then ?

  • Its not the beta5 what im updating, its beta 2 or 3 (build 53) that is failing. Now im sure that update.type is in stable.

    Remember something, before that unstable update i could update from build 53 to 172 (beta 5) without issues. After that it started failing.

  • @subs it got corrupted after the update :'(

    Nevermind, i will start from a fresh beta 5.

  • @torra87 the file system is corrupted, maybe not the sd card itself. If you have a computer running linux, you can run fsck on it

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