MAME crashing

  • I'm on a Raspberry Pi3, Recalbox 4.0 beta5, using a Samsung SD 128GB EVO+.
    I'm having trouble with same MAME roms that were running fine before (for example, Smash TV and Paperboy). Romset 0.78, verified. I can start the games, then after a few second they crash. This is the screen that I get:
    alt text
    The system gets stucked like this and there's no way to reset.
    Everything else seems to run fine. I tried changing some configuration, but nothing works. Some advice?

  • Hey

    What do you mean "that were running fine before" ? Before what ?

  • @subs Well, I've done some scraping and I've played the games some times, that's all. It's interesting that, if I use core 0.78, it seems like everytime I run Smash TV, for example, the credits from the last game are still there, don't know why. I thought the games started new everytime.

  • @krantz haven't you enabled the load save state at start ?

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