press Y for Favourites / sometimes work, Most of the time not?

  • i used PS3 Bluetooth controller and map the button good
    i don't know why i can't press Y to favourites my game.
    nothing really happen when i press Y
    sometime i keeps smashing X and Y
    suddenly i could favourite my game?!
    then i restart recalbox
    i can't press Y again ???
    wierd ! or it's just a bug
    if anyone familar with this issues
    please let's me know
    Thanks in advance

    PS. Sorry for my english

  • I'm having the same problem, and I've joined the forums just today to ask for the same help. No matter how many times I press Y it doesn't save the game as a favourite.

  • @shep you need press one time. Once press "Y" the game's mark stay favourite with a star on top of your game list and the Favourites tab, if not, just reboot the RECALBOX.

    I don't have this issues, functioned just fine.

    RPI2+Recalbox V4-Beta5, games on USB stick.

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