Recalbox 7.0

Recalbox on Odroid XU4

  • Hello,
    sry for my question, but is it right that recalbox 4.1 will be available as a port for the odroid xu4?
    i ask because i am using the unofficial recalbox 4.0 Image from on my recalbox xu4 and there are a few Bugs, like the display restarts after 5-10 minutes after boot and some cores are laggy.
    I think recalbox is the best retro-gaming system and the odroid xu4 has enough power to become a good retro-maschine.

    thx and regards

  • Yep it is true, the link you provided is the one from the developper who made the port. It's officially integrated in the main branch of recalbox, as well as the still on-going x86 port.

    So yes, recalbox 4.1 will e available on the XU4. You can report your bugs right now if you wish, or wait for the official announcement

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