Problem cloning SD card

  • I have two Macs, an older iMac and Retina MacBook. When I copy my sd card on the mbpr it copies but the card says its unreadable when I plug it back in. On the older iMac it copies then shows up when I plug it back into the computer. Neither copy actually works on the Pi though. Both give me the screen saying "Error: Resizing existing FAT partition". I'm using Apple Pi Baker on Mac. Any ideas?

    As a note, I've gotten this to work on an older version of recalbox on an older computer maybe a year ago but this time around no luck. I can also make a copy of my LibreELEC and it works perfectly fine. I've also tried using Windows via VMWare (using many different programs) which does the exact same thing.

  • The question is : how are you copying ?

  • Problem resolved. It was the SD card. Even though I've used the same SD card on v3.3 it won't clone v4.0. Bought a Sandisk Ultra and it clones just fine. Weird but glad I figured it out, it was driving me crazy.

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