Snes joypad with Gamecon-controllers question

  • Hello everyone, hope you are doing fine and sorry if this is not the correct section to ask. I'm in the middle of a snes pi project and the joypads come next. I have found this guide and have a question to anyone that did this

    The pinout for snes is:
    alt text

    So my question is, according to the guide, GPIOXX the data pin, which i will go with GPIO04 for player 1 and GPIO07 for player 2, the rest of them should go soldered together to both ports of player 1 and 2? that's 5v, ground (these 2 ones 100% sure) and latch, clock ? I have a RPi 3 model B. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • I read the doc the same way as you : data is the only independant pin

  • @subs said in Snes joypad with Gamecon-controllers question:

    I read the doc the same way as you : data is the only independant pin

    Thank you subs, i am pretty confident now,that this should be the way to go. Got player 1 working and will try the 2nd now!

    Got it! it was that way, only data is independent pin :D

  • ![alt text](0_1474685666273_upload-a2054753-5416-4d87-a033-4d745d2d0e2c image url)
    is corrrect?

  • I don't remember the data pins on pi2, but i answered a topic like a week ago abt that. Remember that the data pins you choose have to be mapped at the driver level in the recalbox.conf

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