Recalbox-buildroot compilation error within mupen64

  • Hi When I compile recalbox with mupen64 enabled I do get an abort during the opengl compilaton.

    ./../src/OpenGL.cpp:1736:48: Fehler: »frameBuffer« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
             unsigned char *ptr = (unsigned char *) frameBuffer + (config.framebuffer.width * 4 * y);
    ../../src/OpenGL.cpp:1737:29: Warnung: Vergleich zwischen vorzeichenbehafteten und vorzeichenlosen Ganzzahlausdrücken [-Wsign-compare]
             for (unsigned x=0; x<config.framebuffer.width; x++)
    ../../src/OpenGL.cpp:1739:13: Fehler: »line« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
                 line[x*3]   = ptr[0];  // red
    ../../src/OpenGL.cpp:1744:9: Fehler: »line« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
             line += config.framebuffer.width * 3;
    Makefile:457: recipe for target '_obj/OpenGL.o' failed
    make[1]: *** [_obj/OpenGL.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** Warte auf noch nicht beendete Prozesse...
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/opt/recalbox-buildroot-recalbox-rpi2/output/build/mupen64plus-gles2-ricrpi-master/projects/unix'
    package/ recipe for target '/opt/recalbox-buildroot-recalbox-rpi2/output/build/mupen64plus-gles2-ricrpi-master/.stamp_built' failed
    make: *** [/opt/recalbox-buildroot-recalbox-rpi2/output/build/mupen64plus-gles2-ricrpi-master/.stamp_built] Error 2
    ERROR : Unable to build recalbox system

    When I disable mupen64 with 'make menuconfig' it compiles fine. is this more related to the mupen64 release or is this related to my linux installation. Have others also this issue? I got the sources from github yesterday evening.

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    hi, Yes that is why the gles2-ricrpi has been disabled in the default configuration. Disable it, the configuration in emulation station does not use this core, it uses gles2n64.

  • Thanks, I got it now 😉 - the show can now begin....

  • I can build it manually, when I configure buildroot manually with make menuconfig. When I use the createRecalboxOS script I get the error again. (I need to test with the newest script again ). Is the script also on github?

  • hi retroboy creating the recalbox-buildroot with ends up with this opengl error from mupen64. It seems that in the github the config file has selected this wrong package. As long as this is not corrected I do can't compile it with your provided script.

  • when I try to compile recalbox-buildroot with the last version vrom I always get the error about the mupen64-plus-gles2-ricrpi-master. In the defconfig there is only a flag "BR2_PACKAGE_LIBRETO_MUPEN64=y" for building the package generally or not. When I do "menu makeconfig" I have see in "Target packages/games/emulators/ following packages: [] mupen 64 plus core [] mupen 64 plus console [

    mupen 64 plus gles2rice plugin [
    ] mupen 64 plus rice plugin [] mupen 64 plus omx [] mupen 64 plus input sdl [] mupen 64 plus audio sdl [] mupen 64 plus rsp-hle [*] mupen 64 plus gles2n64 from ricrpi when I start the script I get the .config always resettet to the above value and I get then the "OpenGL compile error" I already posted in the first post. Which of the above packages do I have to disable to get the compilation working manually? (I already tried to disable the last one, but without success.) Am I the only one who get this error?

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    [*] mupen 64 plus gles2n64 from ricrpi

  • I am getting crazy. softley. I desabled this package with sudo make menuconfig When I do execute the command sudo ./ recalbox-rpi2 I get always this compilation error. Could it be, that this .config file get overwritten with your script? And I always get this wrong selection from github?

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    Yes sorry, the script overwrite the .config file, you must save it with make savedefconfig. I should have think about that earlier...

  • Yes, a comamand to rule them all 😉 thank you again for your support.

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