• Being in the US we never had MSX systems, however I have heard that it was a pretty good system. That being said I found all the bios files and roms. All the msx2 roms I have downloaded just fine to the recalbox, however my msx1 files have .rom at the end so it will not take them. Am I missing a lot by only having msx2 games?

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    @metzger130 as it is written in the readme.txt for this system, just rename your .rom roms to .mx1 and they should work just fine.

    Although my msx1 roms are zip containing .rom and it works just fine ?

    I use the no intro msx1 set by the way you may want to grab that one.

    Regarding the games themselves there are some good ones on msx1 too, the Nemesis shoot em up series comes to mind

  • I will admit, I haven't done a ton of research, but what is the difference between MSX and MSX 1 in recalbox. MSX2 folder, self explanatory, but why msx and msx1? Also, is there an app to rename the .rom to .msx1 as there are a lot of games for msx1

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    Msx is for all msx roms (1&2).
    Msx 1 and msx 2 is just for people who wants to keep these seperate.
    They all run with the same emulator. Basically, it's a "sorting" option.

  • I have not been able to get MSX 1 or 2 working either. I have Recalbox 4.0.0 (the auto update says no new versions, but I know there are more beta versions). I have gotten the BIOS files from 2 different places, which when I load into the Recalbox Manager give me a check mark and show that I have the right BIOS files. Like voljega said, I have the no intro rom sets, and even tried unzipping the roms and adding the .mx1 extension to them but nothing seems to work. When I try to load a game it tries to boot, my TV shows no signal, then goes back the the menu. This is what happened when I had the wrong BIOS files for the Lynx and the PC Engine CD, so it makes me think the BIOS files are wrong, however I have gotten these BIOS files from a collection specifically for Recalbox and all the other BIOS files worked. It has a lot of files too, so troubleshooting to see which BIOS is wrong won't be as easy as if there were only one BIOS file... any ideas? I'm out of ideas.

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    @Necrobot20XX The default emulator changed for msx in one of the last betas and so dit the bios, please refer to readme.txt where you will find name and md5 of the new bios files

  • @voljega I didn't have the folders from BlueMSX, now it works! Thank you!

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