android app like bluetooth control

  • Hi everyone,
    first of all, sorry for my english.

    Recalbox offers us the possibility of connect a bluetooth controller, so Im trying to make my own android app that I will use like bluetooth controller. The problem is that I don't know How can i make the connection between the raspberry pi and mi phone. I think that maybe when I press any buttom of my android app it send a different character to raspberry, then recalbox will detect that is a different buttom.

    Could someone give me one advice?
    Thank you

  • Moderator

    I don't know but recalbox use a virtual gamepad. (

    or may use recalbox API :

  • @acris HI! Yes i read about it but im trying to make my own app

  • you'd rather have a look at the bluez 4 stack, because i'm not sure the basic options from recalbox will help you

  • @subs Do you know if the connection between recalbox and for examen ps3 controller is make with bluez?

  • For now, it's qtsixa that handles the bt connexion for PS3 pads

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