REST API - Applying changes

  • Hi,

    When using the REST API, for example disable background audio, the changes are made after reboot the recalbox.
    Is it possible to do it instantly as if you went through the GUI directly?

    P.S. FR : Je ne vois pas neolao dans la liste des utilisateurs, j'aurais aimé le pinguer tant qu'à faire... ^^

  • neolao c'est que sur IRC

    Most of the API is made to set recalbox.conf AFAIK

  • Moderator

    Il est actuellement sur la canal irc
    Voir sur sin github pr le contacter

  • Hi,

    I'll take a look if I can do it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • @neolao Thank you. Have you planned to add more features? Or can I send MR in the future for example?

    @acris @subs : Dur dur d'aller sur IRC depuis le taf'... ^^

  • @DjLeChuck use your phone like us :p

  • I waited some suggestions like yours :)
    I wanted to know if the API is usefull before doing more.

    You can send MR of course.

  • For me, she is!
    I'm creating a web interface for manage my recalbox through my phone / computer because my recalbox is a bartop so I set the "bartop" interface :)
    The integrated recalbox.conf file edition wih the web interface is usefull but not user friendly.

    @subs and I will do nothing except speak with you!

  • @neolao has already quite some big requests from me ... But he is just ignoring them :D

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