Some things I could not find answers to on my own.

  • Before I ask anything I just want to start off by saying recalbox has been the easiest ES on Pi program I've ever fiddled with. On top of that y'all have done a great job having answers to questions already posted somewhere online before I even ask. The Wiki was a fantastic guide, I really appreciate it.

    There are just a few minor problems/curiosities I never figured out on my own and can't seem to find an answer in the FAQs, the Wiki, and while I'm fairly certain someone must have asked before on the forum I can't seem to word it properly enough to even get the search function to bring up relative information let alone helpful. Where online do I go for a button configuration key? I saw the Atari ST in the wiki but what about the other ye old computers or the crazy n64 controller? Also how do I turn rapid fire on and off on the NEC consoles? I'm fine with not having it on a console whose controllers didn't come stock with turbo, but my TGFX16's stock controller had turbo and I suck without it so that'd be really nice to have back. Last, I saw some mention of vice being implemented, that's super cool, but I couldn't figure out how serious it was being taken. Where do I go for more information on vice in recalbox and more information for what's being planned?

    Thanks a lot buds.

  • Hey !

    Thank your for your compliments 🙂 We're working hard to make recalbox as easy as possible 🙂

    For your questions :

    • You can enable auto fire in retroarch (hotkey + B, look in input settings). Making this permanent is a little trickier for now
    • there is no schema for the N64 mapping. But I can tell you : the C buttons are mapped on the right stick, as well as on a SNES X and A. Z is mapped on L2
    • vice is set for 4.1

    Hope I could help you 🙂

  • You nailed it bud, thanks a bunch, and sorry to bother you.

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