Save States on NeoGeo Games (partially) don't work

  • Using the FBA-Libretro core.

    Save states work fine while running a game. I can save and reload just as expected, but once I QUIT a game and reload it either right away or after playing other games first, the save states won't work. The emulator tries to load it (and it does), but the results show a lot of graphical glitches, wrong palettes and sometimes the emu will crash right away.

    If this is a known bug and I overlooked to read about it elsewhere, my apologies!

    Anyway - any idea what's causing this or how to fix it ?

    Thanks guys!

  • Savestates is a very buggy feature, I wouldn't rely too much on this

  • haha, yes, probably.

    I just noticed it since I had ZERO problems with save states on any other system than the NG. When you refer to save states as a buggy feature, do you mean on the FBA-libretro core in particular, in Retroarch in general or with Recalbox all in all ?

  • at least anything like arcade. Same problem on Mame (i have a save state where sound channels disappeared 1 by 1, no sound left if I play from this save state now). No particular rule, sometimes, for some games, it just won't work properly

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