Accessing the saves folder (reload)

  • Hey,

    (I searched and read topics I found but still can't access save folder)
    I hope someone can help me. I'm really new in Recalbox world and have a problem concerning the access to the save folder. (I'm not a programer or Linux user 😉 )
    When I go to //recalbox/ I get the Recalbox menu, I can drag and drop roms but can't have access to the save files. (same with the IP, which seems normal...)
    When I try to acces the recalbox files in my explorer, I can't find it (only my internet box, and shared printer).
    Without that file, I can't put my saves in my recalbox.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi,

    You can access it throught your network.
    In the windows explorer, if you type //recalbox/ you are redirected to the web interface, but if you type \recalbox\ you should see a /share folder with all the systems, etc. and the saves folder.

  • Hi !

    Saves are not available through the manager. Rather point your explorer to \\recalbox\share\saves and you svould find them. No http

  • Hi again,

    Thanks for your answers 🙂
    file://recalbox/share/saves/ works fine.

    Thank YOU!


  • Your welcome!

    Don't forget to mark the topic as resolved. 😉

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