Problem with monitor (HDMI-DisplayPort cable)

  • I've used my RPi 3 with the latest version of Recalbox in my TV and in my Dell monitor, with an HDMI-HDMI cable (TV) and with an HDMI-DVI cable (on my Dell monitor). I bought an HDMI-DisplayPort cable because I want to have my PC and my RPi connected to the monitor and not having to change the cable every time I want to play, but when I plug it in, the screen appears black and detects no signal, and I don't know why this is happening. Anyone can help me? I've tried the cable with other devices and it's working fine.

  • Well, seems to me you're the first one to try. If you don't even get the rainbow screen at star, then this looks bad ... I haven't even seen people reporting it was working on the official rpi forum ...

  • Hi joangg!

    If I understand you use the dell monitor with the PC using the HDMI-DVI cable and the RPI with the HDMI-Display port cable?
    Have you used the RPI with the HDMI-DVI cable?

  • I wanted to use a DVI-DVI cable to connect the PC to the monitor, and a small HDMI-DisplayPort cable to connect the RPi 3, because I had already bought those cables, but since this hasn't worked, I've deceided to buy a 2m DisplayPort cable to connect my PC, and a short HDMI-DVI cable to connect the RPi 3. I don't have a clue why the HDMI-DisplayPort cable is not working with the RPi 3, so I will use the HDMI-DVI cable, which is working fine.

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