Is this list of compatible N64 games accurate?

  • Is this list accurate?

    I´m interested in playing mostly Perfect Dark and Zelda games on the Recalbox but the list says Perfect Dark is not really working too well.

    Is there a lot of configuration between games? Or does it work out of the box?

  • everything works out of the box most of times

    I think the compatibility list is not that bad. You could also check some other lists elsewhere, they shouldn't differ much from ours

  • @subs Thanks!
    I mostly wanted it to be able to play Perfect Dark at 60fps, and without hickups and lag when playing multiplayer splitscreen.

  • Themer

    @lesk I wouldn't count too much on the split screen multiplayer, from what I read it's not working smoothly for Goldeneye even with an overclocked pi3

    The list is editable by anyone so please feel free to complete/correct it with your latest tries

  • should run better on a odroid xu4 once we will start the public testing for recalbox 4.1 (as this release will support the xu4)

  • @voljega Okey thanks! :)

    @subs Sounds interesting! I might just wait until recalbox supports xu4 :)

  • @lesk don't expect miracles though. The xu4 runs faster, it doesn't magically make the emulation perfect ! Emulation glitches existing on pi will be the same on xu4

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