NES Rom list not accesible

  • Not accesible anymore from ES.

    As soon as I select NES, ES gets frozen... I waited 15 minutes, decided to force reboot via ssh.
    I have a 32GB, latest recalboxversion. I am not sure if it´s was working before, because I set this up yesterday, so this is the first time I´m trying to access NES Roms.
    This only happens with NES. I cannot see the ROM list.

    I already tried to:
    -delete all NES thumbnails
    -Delete all ROMs
    -Delete and re-upload de BIOS

    Also as soon as I pick NES, Monitoring says that CPU #3, gets to 100% ASAP

    Again this is only happening with NES, SNES and MAME are working fine and playable.

  • @boxcarpilot Resolved!

    Gamelist.xml was not there AND there was Rom name that contained a question mark "?"

    After deleting that game , I rescan roms with ES; and problem solved

  • the ? is pure evilness ... glad it's solved 🙂

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