.cfg override share folder <> Share_init folder

  • Hey guys,

    aren't all .cfg files from the share folder supposed to override the same files from the share_init folder?

    I'm running recalbox 4.00.beta4 and I'm editing the two shader config files (share/system/configs/shaderset) retro.cfg and scanlines.cfg, but no matter what I do recalbox loads the very same shaders based on those two files (in their share_init version).

    A bug maybe ?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful hints!

  • Look at shaders path in /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg 😉

  • Thanks!

    I did have a look, but I think that's not what I asked about.

    The video_shader_dir option in the retroarchcustom.cfg file shows to the shader folder in the share_init location. That's where all the glsp files are located and that's alright this way.

    The two .cfg files in the shaderset folder though - they determine which shaders are used in the first place for each system when either scanlines or retro are selected through the GUI.

    I successfully edited the scanlines.cfg and retro.cfg located in share_init/system/configs/shaderset, but because of the read_only file system that's a real nuissance if I want to experiment.

    I'm just wondering what the two files in share/system/configs/shaderset are doing, if editing them has no effect whatsoever. Maybe there's a cfg entry somewhere which I can edit, so recalbox uses the these two files instead of their share_init incarnations.

    And another related question: is there an easy way to add a third or fourth shader preset, so I'm not limited to two shaders available from recalbox's GUI ?

    Again, thanks for any advice!

  • @Fudoh To edit the share_init/system/configs/shaderset/retro.cfg you must first remount the partition as writeable.

    mount -o remount,rw /

    You are not limited to any shader, since you can change a shader on the fly while being in a game by pressing Hotkey+R2 or define a shader per core in the recalbox.conf 🙂

    Further you could just add more shaders into /recalbox/share_init/shaders/ and then choose them in game, or define them as described above

  • Thanks so much! I know about the mount/remount option, I just find it a bit of a nuissance when you you're doing that a lot.

    Thanks for the tip with the cycling through the shaders on the fly. I didn't realize that it accesses all the available shaders. My controller doesn't have enough buttons, so I didn't try that before.

    It would still be GREAT though if I was able to add more shader presets to the recalbox GUI option (not just scanlines and retro). Is there a way ?

  • There is a way : edit ES code, tweak it, then recompile. I think you should also edit configgen, didn't check

    There are some dev basics on the wiki

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