Gameboy PiZero Recal Box

  • Hi Guys,

    Here is my Recal Box, running a PiZero with the following spec, Im brand new to any Linux OS's and thus has been a total learning curve trying to get this working.

    Raspberry Pi Zero
    Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost @ 1A - 1000C -
    Common Ground Dmg Button Pcb (A/B/X/Y version) -
    3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen -
    Mini HDMI to HDMI Converter -

    An Old DMG-01 Gameboy, using the existing power switch pcb.

    Lastly, some dodgy hot gluing lol.

    I first installed Retropie, but found it very awkward to work with. As I was intended to make separate sd cards for a retro gaming console and a kodi player, I came across a dual boot system for Recalbox and the rest is history,

    I managed to get it fully working in about an hour, after having to resolder the order of my button pcb's to the gpio pins but it now works great, but only via HDMI.

    I've been doing my testing and script writing etc. using HDMI and now I've since discovered that when the HDMI is unplugged Recalbox doesn't output through the AV points on the PiZero that the previous OS did.

    I've found the wiki to change the output to the AV but then that disables the HDMI and I purposely installed the HDMI as to when I wasn't on the go, I could plug the game boy into a TV and either watch a film or use a controller to play a game.

    Are their any suggestions on using both hdmi and av or making them auto switch? Once again I am a complete newbie and this scripting lark.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Hey @Phatashki

    Thank you for sharing your project with us ! And I must admit it looks really awesome 🙂

    We are working on some drivers for tft screens as more and more people are trying to use recalbox with such screens.

    Can you reach 30 (or even 60) fps with you gb zero ?

  • @subs Thankyou Subs, Ive really got into it the last few weeks and enjoyed making it. Its turned out better than i expected and would be awesome if the tft and hdmi can be working together.

    As above, thats great news about the tft screens, Unfortunatly as the zero doesnt have an offical av out the signal cable is soldered to the points on the board labelled TV, im assumming that wont make a difference when creating some drivers for it.

    Regarding the fps ive not actually checked but seems to run pretty smooth and had quake arena running pretty good on the old os.

    Im happy to help if anyone has any questions about my it, ill try my best.

  • Concerning your hdmi/composite output, i have no idea. Maybe @ian57 who is a guru in pi and tft knows better.

  • Hi,

    Good job, especially for the HDMI output 😛

    What battery do you have? It seems really little, did you test power duration?

  • @nosfay Thankyou, Im trying a few things with trying to get the av to output but then still auto detect the hdmi when its plugged in, Ill have some spare time tomorrow night while the mrs is working so will give it a proper go then.

    The battery, im still waiting on the size i want to be back in stock at adafruit. They seem very popular. Thats currently a lipo that i have 'borrowed' from an old remote control helicopter, was intially a testing battery to check as i was going along with the build. It only lasts about 45 mins with the av screen running, but as im still testing the rig to get the screens working how i want i still have acces to the mains.


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