Usb drive for kodi media

  • I have a 500gb hd plugged in and NOT setup in recalbox as the share partition. I see it in kodi as wanted. Now I'd like it to be shared on the network so I may add media to it as easily as adding roms to recalbox is.   Is this possible? thank you in advance for your help as well as all the hard work it takes to maintain this project.

  • Since it runs linux, it is possible. It should be a "samba share".

    This is a full guide about Samba in GNU/Linux.

    Install the package (if it is not already) with:
    apt-get install samba

    And then follow the guide to configure it. It requires to read a lot, but it is easier than it seems.

    The shared route should be the external HDD, of course. You can set a fixed mount if "it works sometimes but not always" using /etc/fstab (easy to do), but probably you won't need it.

    I hope it helps.

  • Samba is already installed on recalbox. You just need to edit the samba conf file to add a share

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