N64 Video Mode getting reset in config

  • Running recalbox through composite on my TV. Everything is working fine, I set n64.videomode = default and everything works. Except it seems to randomly add the line n64.videomode = DMT 4 HDMI to the end of the config every now and again. It seems to be linked to when I bring up settings, even if I don's change anything. This causes N64 games not to launch at all. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I'm running the latest beta.

  • maybe put a # in front of n64.videomode = DMT 4 HDMI?

  • Hey @ryan-barker as far as i know, ES doesn't do anything with videomode, but i may be wrong. Since when do you have this problem ?

  • Fresh build, I just started working with recalbox this week. I am putting a # in front of it, it keeps getting re added to the end of the file! I'm talking about the recalbox.conf. The only thing I could think to do is make the file immutable with: chattr +i recalbox.conf This fixed the issue, but doesn't seem like the best long term solution.

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