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Git checkout recalbox-buildroot wrong version?

  • Hello When I checkout recalbox-buildroot I see in file recalbox-buildroot/board/recalbox/fsoverlay/recalbox/recalbox.version the value v3.1.0. Shouldn't I get v3.2.2? Regards Heinz

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    Hi, Don't worry, if you look at commits, it's the good version. It's just that I don't always commit the version file. Are you preparing something for us ? You managed to build and run your own recalbox ?

  • hi ok, I was confused because on the r3.2.2 image that's running on my arcade machine has the correct version number in it. I managed to install the recalbox-buildroot without the script create script. I managed to get all installed with the instruction in the wiki. But when I call the make menuconfig then all is unselected and also the target is set to i386. Do I have to load an file with some preconfigured settings from , so that I can compile it right away? Hmmm... no, I am not preparing something at the moment. My challange at this stage is to get a self build own recalbox - But as you perhaps recognized, I find something here and there to adjust while I am learning how all your scripts fits together 😉

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    Yep 🙂 if you check (the last one) you will see a line make $branch_defconfig this take the defconfig in the config directory corresponding to the branch. I updated the wiki :

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