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Some Roms Problems

  • Hi Everyone, I'm having some weird problems with some roms. Using RPi3 and FBALibretro. The roms are: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting, from (v. 0.174). On both games, after I win the first round, when the game starts to says "you win", the screen goes black and returns to Recalbox menu. Hope someone can help. Edit Modo : delete url web site.

  • There is another weird one. On Neo Geo, Fatal Fury 2 First fight is OK. On second fight the players only can be damaged being grabbed. On third fight, the time starts at "00". The fight start and ends in a draw game. Rom workink fine on PC Mame. Can someone test, please?

  • I did not have any of the issues you mention on any of those roms. I got three battles in on SFII:WW and SFII:HF before I gave up. I did 3 full fights on FF2 as well with no issues. I'm on a Pi3 using the latest unstable release (v4.0.0-build-102 2016/06/07 12:22). Perhaps your roms are the incorrect version? they should be for FBA Libretro and 0.78 (mame2003) for MAME/NeoGeo. If in your post "v 0.174" refers to the mame set you are using then roms are definitely your issue - unless you then put that set thru clrmamepro and gave it a dat file for the correct versions so it could correctly recompile the roms to the older set specifications.   Eric

  • Hi there Eric, thanks for helping me. I'm on a Pi3 too, using v4.0.0-build-53 2016/04/19. Download the 3 SF (WW, CE and HF) from (FBA Libretro) and still having the same problems. Download Fatal Fury 2 0.78 set (using Neo Geo) and for my surprise, the game doesn't even launch. Then I change the emulator from "default" to FBA2x, and it works fine, but now I don't know how to change in game buttons. If you don't mind, can you send me your roms (all 4) so I can test and we will be sure if it is a rom problem or some settings problem. If you have some time, I'm having yet another weird problem: on Snes, when I try to play Super Mario All-Stars, after I select one game, the first player can only be controlled by my second controller, and the second game player only can be controlled by my first controller (using xbox 360 wireless). Hope you can help me again. Rodrigo

  • What method are you using to transfer the roms to your recalbox? If on a PC try WinSCP. If on Mac or Linux try a similar application. Do not use the SMB share or the web interface. Larger files don't always copy over correctly when using those methods. I'll test Super Mario All-Stars with my PS3 controllers but I don't have a 360 wireless adapter to try with them for you. I'm pretty sure I've played it with no issues but that could be a problem specifically with wireless 360 pads since a different driver and controller config is used for them than for my PS3 controllers. I heard the unstable builds like I'm on fixed some controller issues for specific controllers but I'm not sure if your issue is one of them or not. May be worth switching to unstable and giving it a try. The unstable builds have all been ironically quite stable for me and add some nice features anyway. Couldn't hurt to try. Have you put your roms thru clrmamepro to verify them? I can't send you roms, sorry. I could be banned for that kind of thing, sorry.   Eric

  • Eric, thanks again. I just can't understand Clrmamepro (lol). I will try to find new roms and upload using winSCP, not the windows network system. If nothing works, I'll ask for help again.

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  • Hi there. Just found a solution for my SNES roms poblems (Super Mario All Stars first player being controlled by second controller, several Mortal Kombat sound issues, Street Fighter Alpha not working, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe with controller problems...). By default, on recalbox.conf file, the SNES core is set to "default". Then I just add the line "snes.core=snes9x_next" and everything gets better. The weird thing is that the below configuration is found here - Why snes core is not the same on RPi3? "## Default cores for RPi2 snes.core=snes9x_next gba.core=mgba mame.core=mame078 nes.core=fceunext" EDIT: SUPER MARIO RPG doesn't start because "please disconnect Super Nes multi-player adapter to start playing". How I do that? EDIT 2: Same thing on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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    snes9x_next is the core by default for raspberry 2 and 3. For snes issues read this :

  • @manolosegames Hello . Do you could find a solution? I 'm having the same problem with my street fighter II roms .

  • same problem here

  • Necroing topics is a bad habit. Please make your own. I'm locking this one

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