[SOLVED]Migrate from RPi2 to RPi3

  • Hello everyone. After some years with another distribution I've come back to Recalbox and I can't be more amazed by its improvements. Great work!!! Now, here is my question. I'm running Recalbox in a Raspberry Pi 2, I have all my roms pointing to an SMB shared folder with all the romsets, the PSX multidisk configuration already configured, and there are little things to set, but not important. Now I am planning to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3, and use this old Raspberry Pi 2 to build a bartop with a new SD card and a completely different configuration. My question is, Can I just put my current SD card into the new Raspberry Pi 3 and it should work, or I should do a clean installation? It would be a pity to lose everything I've done (not more than 2 hours of work, but, work it is), but I'd also like to enjoy of the Raspberry Pi 3 improvements. So, summarizing, can I just migrate the SD from RPI2 to RPi3 or should I make a clean install? Thank you for your help!!! Keep up the good work!

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    Impossible to migrate the SD, the OS has evolved too much. You'll be able to reuse your roms and scrape, though

  • Thanks Voljega!!! Now I know what to do.

  • hi~ Blocker, I am planning to buy a pi 3 too. Is it really faster and better performance than pi 2? Or pi2 is enough to run these games? In case pi2 is too slow to run 'baseball ninja'. thanks a lot. 🙂

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