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System Specific Shader Set Override in 4.x ?

  • I was wondering if it was possible in recalbox.conf or elsewhere to make a specific system or emulation core of retroarch NOT use the shader set chosen in the ES configuration screen. Use Case: I love using the shader set "retro" as chose in ES game settings. Problem is I don't personally thing Game&Watch should use any shaders at all. I want to find a way to use the "Retro" option for all systems but override that global setting for Game&Watch and set that core to use nothing (or in some other example perhaps scanlines only).   Can this be done currently in recalbox.conf or by some other manual file modification?   Thanks in advance for any help with this,   Eric

  • Try to add that at the end of your recalbox.conf file : gw.shaders=none

  • thank you. May I ask if there is an all-inclusive list of every command you can use in the recalbox.conf file?

  • Thank you again.

  • Global moderator

    Hello wiki page : this exemple :

    ## You can override the global configuration here
    ## Here is the snes example
    ;snes.videomode=CEA 4 HDMI
    ## If you do not want recalboxOS to generate the c
    onfiguration for the emulator : 

    name of system : Available libretro cores :

    snes n64 gb/gbc gba virtualboy megadrive mastersystem gamegear sega32x segacd sg1000 neogeo mame fbalibretro ngp gw vectrex lynx lutro wswan pcengine atari2600 atari7800 msx prboom psx cavestory

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