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Help to connect two bluetooth controllers

  • hi guys, I have managed to successfully connect my control bluetooth ipega 9021, works perfect (thanks to Ramstein http://blog.recalbox.com/forums/topic/ipega-9021-dont-work/) The problem is now, when I want to connect the second bluetooth control ipega same model 9021 ... recalbox recognize it, let me set for the Gamepad0 P1 and P2 for the Gamepad1. But after a few seconds the second "Gamepad1" control is automatically disconnected ... somebody could help me?

  • Hi, i have some problem. I used Ipega 9021 and a PS3 Sixad controller and one SFC30 8Bitdo too.
    I edit the script according the sugestion on forum: https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/2997/two-or-more-bluetooth-controls and the old version of forum http://blog.recalbox.com/forums/topic/ipega-9021-dont-work/

    In my case the sript 10-local.rules was so:

    bluetoothd -u
    sleep 5
    killall bluetoothd
    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{uniq}=="number of bluetooth of Ipega 9021 Controller", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"
    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{uniq}=="number of bluetooth of PS3 Controller", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"
    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{uniq}=="number of bluetooth of SFC30 8Bitdo Controller", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"

    So i resolve the problem with controller, but after pair the controller, you can to define what is the first, second and third controller in ES options.

    I used 2 bluetooth adapter and work very well in games like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on FBA.

  • Necro-ing topics is bad for my sight 😉

  • @dam Hi friend , i am very new guy on this, please help me. I dont have this file "10-local.rules", only 99-joysticks-exotics.rules, 99-sixpair.rules and
    99-wiimote.rules. In 99-joysticks-exotics.rules i try to modify and add this lines that you mentioned but i dont have permission to write .. What can i do ? Tnks for now

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