Shutdown/Reboot times when using External Storage

  • Hello all,   I am the proud owner of a 314GB PiDrive which is working lovely.  I have a lot of ROMs on the drive and noticed, as one would expect, the boot times to increase the more you have.  However, rebooting takes an absolute age especially if I add my full collection of NES and Spectrum ROMs.   With about 2000 ROMs it's taking a good 5 - 10 minutes to reboot and wondering if there is any way to speed this up.  Unplugging the power doesn't appear to cause any issues but I'd rather not resort to this.   Any suggestions?

  • maybe is because the usb is 2.0 and transfer rates are slow... i realy do not know, did you ear the HDD working when you wait?

  • Pretty sure the drive is working.  It did the same when I was using a different external hard drive.  It's my guess it's doing some extra task when shutting down (e.g. saving scrapes or updating ROM profiles) but would be interested to find out why it takes so long.

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    May be NTFS Format and scrap.

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    I have 2000 roms or so on an external FAT32 hdd, 95% of them scraped, and reboots is only a few minutes (2-3) and shutdown less than 30s.   So maybe hdd is the problem ? Did it work better with the one you had before ?

  • I might try formatting it differently and see if that helps.  Think it was NTFS but not sure.  Most games are pre-scraped and I had the same on the other drive.  I'll have a mess about and see what works quickest 🙂

  • NTFS IS slow because the drivers are ... well ... as good as can be, but not quite fast. FAT32 is much faster. It's worth a try !

  • I'm trying version as we speak.  After selecting my hdd in the settings menu it reboots and after that it got stuck on the black recalbox screen.  It's been there for about 10 minutes.  How long does it take to boot and is this every boot?

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