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  • Hi all, I'm new around here. I set up my recalbox a few weeks ago and have enjoyed it a lot so far. I bought the tiny 8bitdo controller and it's worked out well, but... I have two XBOX360 controllers laying around that I'd love to get hooked up. I've read conflicting information on the BlueTooth adapter necessary to get them working. Some places I read that you absolutely need the Microsoft offical XBOX adapter, and in other places my reading leads me to believe people have them working with other adapters. Can someone clear this up? Also, does the XBOX button blinking mean the controller is in pairing mode or is there something else I need to be doing? Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions or info.

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    You absolutely need the Microsoft adapter or an average copy of it... actually from what i remember it's not bluetooth at all used for the xbox360 controller, it's a proprietary radio transmission Blinking means the controller is searching for the adapter but it can blink sometimes  randomly even it's properly connected

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    Hi, you do need a Xbox wireless controller adaptator, but not necessary the official microsoft one. I have something like this : and it works well.

  • Hi, i can confirm who it works with a "clonic" microsoft receiver.  I purchased one in ebay more than six months ago; and still working like a charm. I believe it cost me close to 9€ (a lot better price than the 25€ for the official one).  Until now, using it with two controllers at the same time in Recalbox and no problems at all (with xboxdrvr activated).

  • Just wanted to say thanks for all of the replies. I went ahead and got the standard Microsoft adapter, and it recognized the controllers immediately. Also reconnects after things go to sleep. Love it. Thanks again!

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