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Recalbox 4 - read only System and N64 Hi-Res Texture Pack

  • Hello, how can i find the the share folder with the new read only system. After i login over SSH there are only this folders:

    ls bluetooth      logs           ssh            update.done configs        recalbox.conf  udev           upgrade

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    Hello use winscp :

    ls /recalbox/share

    where are you exactly i think wrong folder ?

  • thanks it works. i try to get this tutorial working: But for some reason the HD Textues wont be loading. Can someone update this for v4?

  • Hi Vincent, EDIT: I tested now with a clean install of RB 4 beta3 and Hi-Res Texture Packs works When you have a clean install, you must first start any game in n64 to become the .local folder test this:

    1. Download your favorite Hit-Res Texture and unzip (example Mario Kart 64) <link removed>
    2. Copy your Folder (MARIOKART64) to recalbox/share/system/.local/share/mupen64/hires_texture.
    3. When the hires_texture folder not exist, create yourself. When you cant copy, type mount -o remount,rw /boot or mount -o remount,rw / via ssh as root
    4. Now edit the mupen64plus.cfg (<del>location is -> recalbox/share_init/system/configs/mupen64</del>) EDIT: (location is -> recalbox/share/system/configs/mupen64) from # Enable hi-resolution texture file loading LoadHiResTextures=False to # Enable hi-resolution texture file loading LoadHiResTextures=True
    5. The default Video Plugin (default is N64) i dont change, because **for me, **the Plugin works better with my other roms. When you also not set the default Video Plugin to Rice, you only go in GUI to your N64 Game and edit Metadata (press select) Default Emulator from Default to Mupen64Plus Core from <b>N64</b> to Rice Then save This method only edit per Game, for me is it better.
    6. When you want that the default Video Plugin is Rice, then: Edit in the mupen64plus.cfg the Video Plugin from n64 to Rice: from # Filename of video plugin VideoPlugin="/usr/lib/mupen64plus/" to # Filename of video plugin VideoPlugin="/usr/lib/mupen64plus/"

    For some Hi-Res Texture Packs you need a special Rom file: example Duke Nukem Hi-Res need the "Duke Nukem 64 (U) [!]" ROM. My english is not the best, i hope you understand this and it works.

  • Thanks it works with Mario Kart 64. But not for Zelda OoT. Did you know how to name the folder with the HD Textures?

  • Hi Vincent, nice to see that it works. I have not tested it with Zelda OoT. With Zelda MM i have. Give me the Link to your Zelda OoT Hi-Res Texture Pack. I test it the next days for you. EDIT: I think it is better that you change your Topic to ....example..... "read only System and N64 Hi-Res Texture Pack". Then other users dont create a new Topic for that 😉   greetings

  • my Zelda OoT Pack: <link removed> Did it work with Zelda MM? What pack are u using ?

  • I mean it was this version: I think it is better to change your "topic". Look in my post before for an example   EDIT: Test Your Hi-Res OoT Folder rename to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA What i read is not so good, this pack need more powerfull Hardware. But test it, that is only what i read.

  • Ok Vincent, i have tested OoT and it works. In Hi-Texture Folder i named the Game THE LEGEND OF ZELDA On GUI i selected in Metadata Mupen64Plus and RICE and it works. Before i must restart my PI, had a little Problem (I dont know you must) Look what for a ROM u use. I tested only with (E) version and not with (U). greetings

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