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Using mouse/trackball for Marble Madness?

  • Hi! I just bought an X-arcade Tankstick controller and it would be nice to be able to use the trackball for games such as Marble Madness. Does anyone managed to configure a setup like this? The trackball is exposed as a separate USB mouse/trackball, so in theory it should be easy, but it escapes me how to integrate this into recalbox. Any help is appreciated 🙂

  • Hi got the same tankstick, might take a look at it. what system/rom name is marble madness ?

  • I'm using, but there is also marble, marblea and marbleb. Didn't see any difference between them. Would be really great if you could help, thanks! /Martin

  • Hey folks, any progress on this topic?
    I'm interested too in how to proceed 😉

    Or at least, how can I check whether the trackball is being properly recognized by recalbox? Is this supported at all?

  • plug the trackball usb, try the rom 😛

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    @valvolt I don't know where it is located in Recalbox but this configuration is in the mame.ini file. You have to modify the controller session and set 'Mouse/Trackball games' to mouse.

    Similarly Gun games should finally be working with the same modification on "Gun games"

    You'll also have in some cases to modify game or general controls to use mouse button.

    I write these here but mame custom cfg files can be applied on several levels :
    default.cfg will apply to every game
    neogeo.cfg will apply to every game using the neogeo driver
    gamename.cfg will only apply to the related game

    I have a full collection of cfg files for tricky games (ikari warriors, toobin, midnight resistance, etc...) I will try to explore a bit what's possible in beta5 with the updated core

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    OK I chatted a little with @Acris who said to me that the .cfg files weren't editable with notepad++. Strange because they should be.

    For the .ini file it doesn't seem to exist in Recalbox for the moment.

    We should be able to generate it using mame -cc :

    let's try :

    mount -o remount, rw /
    cd /usr/lib/libretro
    ./ -cc
    Segmentation fault

    no luck 😞 maybe this is just a execution path problem or something ?

    Anyway the related configuration part look like that :


    coin_lockout 1
    mouse 0
    joystick 1
    lightgun 0
    multikeyboard 0
    multimouse 0
    steadykey 0
    offscreen_reload 0
    joystick_map auto
    joystick_deadzone 0.3
    joystick_saturation 0.85


    paddle_device keyboard
    adstick_device keyboard
    pedal_device keyboard
    dial_device keyboard
    trackball_device keyboard
    lightgun_device keyboard
    positional_device keyboard
    mouse_device mouse

    But maybe this didn't even existed back then in mame 0.78.

    EDIT : tried it in one of my local MAME wich is 0.81, mame -cc does work but the generated .ini contains only the CORE INPUT OPTIONS not the CORE INPUT AUTOMATIC ENABLE OPTIONS, but this should be enought to allow the use of mouse and its two buttons

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    "There’s a possibility that if you turn on mame save config and mame load config from the core menu options that you’ll be able to use a mame.ini file. I’m not sure where it would need to be, however."

    and mame.ini are explicity named in this pull request :

    but mouse support seems lacking :

    Except... didn't unterstood much of this subject but last comment seems to suggest working mouse controls :

  • @subs did not work 😉 - will follow @voljega's advice.

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