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  • Hi, I have been using a 16 gig Sandisk Ultra Plus HC I, but I need more space. I picked up a Sandisk Ultra Plus 64gig XC 1. I unziped the files to the micro sd and then placed it in my raspberry pi 3. Nothing happens !?!? So I did a small test. I installed OSMC and it booted up fine.  So I wiped it and installed Retropie and it booted up fine. I then wiped it  again, and just to be sure, I downloaded Recalbox again. I Unziped and then placed it into the pi 3 and it did not boot up once again. So what I want to know is.. is there a limit to the size of the micro sd card that recalbox can use ? My brother has a 32 gig in his pi 3 and it runs just fine.   Thanks for viewing this thread 🙂

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    Hi, use minitool partition wizard to format your sd card 🙂

  • What is the max size that recalbox can see ? Is there one ?

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    It's not a question of size but of format, your SD Card has likely been formatted in exFAT but it must be FAT32

  • Thank you guys for the replies I formatted the drive using Disk Utility on Mac and set it to Fat and now it works !! thank you so much !!!

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