[Solved] Moonlight Problem

  • Hallo Together, i succesfully tested moonlight on raspbian - it worked flawlessly. Now i want to use moonlight in Recalbox. i set up everything scan the games and get the infos. it shows me the moonlight logo in my recalbox but as soon as i start a game following happens:   -gamestream @PC starts properly and starts the game -@Recalbox i only see the recalbox logo in the bottom middle and the version numbers in the lower left corner   nothing else - i dont know how to get the stream on my recalbox tv - it should work cause gamestream is running but it only shows a black screen with the recalbox logo.   in raspbian moonlight embedded is working properly - why not in recalbox?   Thanks for any help!!

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    Hello do you have Geforce experience 2.10 ? do you have read this tutorial ? https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Setup-moonlight-(EN)

  • @Paul-s The actual version of moonlight in recalbox doesn't support GFE 2.11 yet. I shall upgrade moonlight to 2.2.0 very soon, prolly for the next beta

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