PC Engine CD audio doesn't work [Issue?]

  • Hi, I can't get sound in any of the PCEngineCD games that I tried. I get sound on PCEngine but I am not able to get sound on PCEngineCD games, althrough the games starts and plays correctly. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • I just noticed that under "Quick Menu" --> "Core Options", I got all volumes at 0 instead of 100. Anyone with the same problem or just me? Thanks in any case!

  • Just you i guess ... I tried rondo of blood yesterday, worked just fine

  • Got the same issue.  No sound on pc engine cd games.  Games run perfectly,  but no sound.

  • any of you playing arcade cd games?  I can't get them to run on my pi3 beta 4 version.  regular cd games and hucard games run.

  • I got sound on pc engine cd ? Press the hot key + b (open retroarch) The go to 'quick menu', then 'options' Change the following to 10   (cd) cdda volume (cd)  adpcm volume (cd)  cd psg volume   Go 1 page back (options screen)  en press restart.  Now you should have sound.

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