PS3 Controller LEDs all blinking and how to switch it off after playing

  • Hey everyone, I'd like to ask some questions, which have probably been asked before, but I couldn't find a solution for. I use Recalbox (4beta2) with my (original) PS3-Controllers and I think something is not right, there. When I connect a PS3 controller (sixaxis or dualshock3 does not matter) to the Pi(2) via USB and the controller was switched off before, all LEDs on the controller start to blink, like it's being charged - so far so good. When do the same thing and the controller was switched on beforehand, usually, the LED for the first of four controllers (1) is lit up constantly - then I wait a little bit and disconnect the USB-cable. After I switch the controller on to play or do something with recalbox, all LEDs on the controller blink for the entire time I use it. It works without any problems then, but I thought, it should only be one LED constantly being lit, like it does while used on the PS3 normally... am I right? Second thing is, after I played, there is no possibility to switch off the controller other than shutting down Recalbox completely, pull the Bluetooth-dongle oder just restart Recalbox, so the controller loses its connection. Is there any possibility to switch off the controller separately or (better) are there any plans to embed the controller menu to shut the controller down manually after playing? Even an automatic shutdown after 10 or so minutes of idle time would be great. If such an option already exists and I was too blind/dumb to find it, just ignore my post and point me the right direction - thank you 🙂

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    About your first point... in recalbox 4 they changed to an unified driver for official and gasia controllers. That allows you to play wirh both types together but has the aesthetic  "issue" that the led blinks all the time. The developers know about that already.

  • Ah, okay - thanks for the info. Is there a changelog somewhere, where I could read about those things or is it just something you experienced over time?

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