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Easy Syncing of Saves & States between 4.x recalboxes ??

  • Hello all, I understand the recalbox team has a lot on their hands with 4.x in beta but I wanted to put in my request for an official baked-in feature and/or a home grown solution from someone that knows their way around linux and ES far better than I do. I am wanting the ability to sync all the game saves and states (basically, the share\saves directory in entirety) to either a cloud service (I assume very difficult) or to any USB storage device plugged in while in the ES menu - either automatically (not likely) or via evoking a backup or restore menu option in the ES menu (far more reasonable). As I side note I use an external USB HD already for roms so any USB detection would have to know how to ignore the USB drive mapped for the shared directory. The problem I'm trying to resolve is having multiple Pi's running recalbox in multiple locations and being able to start a game on one Pi and continue from a .save or .state file on another with minimal planning/time needed in advance. I realize I can accomplish this manually by hitting the share point from my PC and doing a manual backup/restore to a thumb drive or cloud service and I can probably even script it to be automatic but I am trying to eliminate the need for a networked PC at each location from the equation. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm not above rolling my own solution but my linux and ES skills are very basic and would at least need site links and/or direction to get me started with learning what's needed.   Thanks in advance!

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    Hello issue is open for cloud storage :

  • It#s a duplicate of this request, but it's a good one. +1 for the cloud backup from me. 🙂

  • Haha, that was my thread too!! I forgot I posted it way back when!!    - hey, a month ago is a long time! 0:-) @Acris - thanks for the link! I hope it happens in 4.x. I can't imaging it being an unused feature. A lot of recalbox users have multiple Pi's and even those that don't can at least use it to backup/restore save data when reinstalling recalbox to fix problems or upgrade versions that require a reimage of the SD card.

  • I could see uploading to Google Drive or something like that relatively easily with the Drive REST API if it can be used. Let's see, add targets to watch (folders/directories). Create trigger upon kill of emulators to check if files changed. [Sync CoW for good measure.] optional If changed, sync diff. I'm rather fond of the idea of diff/delta files to maintain entire directory changes so as to reduce Google Drive clutter. Create a main zip/bzip file for initial upload of directory image then create a diff/delta file to replace until it reaches a specific percentage size difference to the original in which case create new zip/bzip and upload while deleting diff/delta file.  This should make it less of a hassle on all RPi units.  Now, in the case that everything is already zipped, just a regular directory image would suffice with the diff/delta.

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